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734 River

734 River

Adult - Male
good with other dogshouse trained

River is about a 5 year old 55 pound yellow male. He was picked up as a stray and though he has a microchip, it was never registered with AKC. No owners came for him…probably for the best. He had an imbedded collar which was removed, and now his neck is healed. River is a sweet sensitive boy who just wants love and attention. He’s good with other dogs though he’s a little timid at first meeting but warms up quickly. He met a cat at the shelter who actually came up and rubbed on River’s chest while River just sat there with a worried look on his face. River is house trained, has nice house manners if you consider enjoying a spot on the couch nice. He knows sit and walks ok on a leash. He is still getting used to getting in and out of a car, but once he’s in it, he enjoys the car ride.

Dog Rating Level: 2

734 River Stand

734 River Sit

734 River Relaxed Down

734 River Face

734 River Down