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732 Duke

732 Duke

Adult - Male
crate trainedgood with other dogshouse trained

Duke is a 4 year 64-pound purebred yellow male. He has been adopted and returned for his behavior. He is an energetic boy who was purchased to be a hunting dog but he doesn’t hunt. He is house trained, crate trained, and knows basic commands like sit, down, shake but he needs leash work. He’s had no leash training. He’s playful with other dogs both large and small. He nose bumps a dog to initiate play. With his energy level and his ‘spirited’ disposition small children aren’t a good fit. With continued training and a dog savvy family, Duke is going to a fabulous member of an active family. He is so smart…he’ll need his mind exercised as well as his body. He loves playing fetch and swimming and he has a nose that doesn’t quit…he’s a lot of fun! His bad behaviors: he’s barrier aggressive in his crate or car…open the door and everyone is his friend. He is not a dog you can hug while he’s sleeping…he wakes up snarky. And he becomes protective of his family so new people need to be introduced and have him know they are ok. All these behaviors are manageable and will improve as Duke gains confidence and his people take charge. We, his foster parents love Duke to death, but he needs a more active home than this senior couple can give him…and he deserves it!

Dog Rating Level 2

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