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733 Flint

733 Flint

Adult - Male
crate trainedgood with other dogshouse trained

Flint is about a 5 year old 67 pound shepherd mix(maybe a little Rottweiler) who had fallen on some hard times when he found his way into a rural northern California shelter. He had a broken front leg and he tested positive for heartworms. His leg was splinted and has healed nicely. The shelter did all the preliminary requirements for his heartworm treatment when we saw his adorable face and said we’d help. We know he’s not a lab, but he’s a really nice dog worth us giving him a second chance. He calmly met his new foster dog friends and they showed him around the yard then he came into the house where he is going to be resting in his crate a lot. He has had is second treatment and just needs a little more rest and then he will be good as new. He already knows sit, shake and walks ok on a leash. And though he isn’t a lab, he has the lab lean down to an art form…this dog is the biggest cuddly teddy bear you’ll ever meet. If you look directly at his face, you can see the shape of a heart that starts at his eyebrows and stops around his neck. It’s a big heart that fits the love he shares. He loves any contact you give him. Flint has completed heartworm treatment and is ready to go to his forever home as long as he hangs out like a couch potato for a few more weeks.

Dog Rating Level:2

733 Flint Being A Lovebug

733 Flint Upright Sit

733 Flint Stand

733 Flint Lean

733 Flint Lazy Sit

733 Flint Face

733 Flint Face 2