Additional Dogs for Adoption

The following dogs are AVAILABLE INDEPENDENTLY of Labs 2 Love Rescue, Inc. Some of these dogs are with us and some are added as a courtesy for other rescues or shelters.

Dogs that Labs 2 Love Rescue, Inc. has not evaluated we make no claims as to their health or temperament.   Please use the contact info listed with each dog.

Available dogs:

CODY is a 6ish yr old, 70lb. yellow male.

Cody was found on the streets of Sacramento. He is house trained, can be left alone inside, knows sit, shake, drop it and is good on leash – not great, but good. Cody is great with other dogs. Cody loves toys and to play ball. Cody really likes a good game of tug a war. Cody is very affectionate and like to be hugged, rubbed, scratched and kissed. He is good in the car and settle well while riding. Cody is very good inside and will lay around wherever you are. Cody is a talker and will make a little funny whine when he thinks he’s been without acknowledgment for too long. Cody may also do well on Cosequin. You’ve got to meet these Cody!! Cody is so sweet you can’t help fall in love with him. Call Cathy 925-303-0509 or email [email protected]

Zach And Cody

Zach And Cody Car