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666 Zoey

666 Zoey

Young - Female
crate trainedgood with other dogshouse trained

Zoey is a 9 month old 44 pound purebred yellow female. Purchased as a puppy from a well known breeder, Zoey got lots of training as a puppy but with 2 other puppies in the house (a big mistake!), Zoey didn’t get the time and attention to reinforce that training nor the time to burn off that well known lab puppy energy! Zoey is a very shy girl who will need to learn the outside world isn’t as scary as she might think it is. Taking her out into public on a regular basis(daily) and having her meet people, hear new sounds and sniff new smells will help her build her confidence and overcome her fears. Zoey is a love once she gets comfortable with you. She knows all the basic obedience commands (she needs reminding…she is a puppy!). She is house trained and sleeps in her crate. She loves playing with other dogs and loves going for a swim if a pool is handy. She will do well with another playful mature dog who can ground her fears but also play with her to burn off some energy. Zoey is 2 different dogs–the public shy girl and the crazy wild puppy in the comfort of her home.

Zoey is having surgery to amputate a toe on her back foot (there is no bone inside the toe) that intermittently causes lameness issues. Surgery is scheduled for mid-April. Once she is healed a bit she can go to her fur-ever home, this should result in no further lameness issues.

Dog Rating Level PUPPY!!!

666 Zoey

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