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663 Kiwi

663 Kiwi

Adult - Female
crate trained

Kiwi is an about 5 year old 50 pound black female mix. She’s what we affectionately call a lablet…small in size, but the heart of a lab! She is also the meaning of rescue. She is as sweet as they come, in spite of a not so loving past. She cowers at a harsh loud voice or a raised hand…she will drop to the ground and drop her head to the floor. NO dog should have to live with that kind of intimidation and cruelty so we took her knowing she’s not all lab, but she deserves the love and attention our wonderful adopters give to our dogs. Kiwi is sweet and affectionate and rolls over for belly rubs. She knows sit and walks nicely on a leash (with a little extra excitement in the beginning). She is crate trained, seems to be very friendly with other dogs (tail wagging with playful intentions) but she’s in quarantine for a few days in case she catches a doggie cold so no dog playing just yet. She needs a visit to the vet for all her vaccinations and tests and then to be spayed, but in the meantime, she’s getting lots and lots of love and praise and she repays us with full body wiggles. We will update as we fall more deeply in love with her.

Dog Rating Level 2

663 Kiwi Sit

663 Kiwi In Motion

663 Kiwi Face 3

663 Kiwi Face 2

663 Kiwi Body

663 Kiiwi Down