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607 Sandy

607 Sandy

Adult - Female
crate trained

Sandy is a petite 4 year old 44 pound yellow female. She found her way to a rural shelter where her owners never came to claim her. She’s a bit timid at first, but the minute she knows you’re not a threat, she’s all wiggles. She seems to be fine with other dogs, but right now she is recovering from a doggie cold and can’t play with them. And because she has a cold, she can’t be in the house either showing us what she knows or learning what she doesn’t. We do know she knows sit, goes right into her crate at bedtime, and loves all the attention she can get. She needs some leash work because she does pull but when you are only 44 pounds, she can be controlled. As soon as she is no longer coughing, she’ll be inside the house and we’ll learn more of what she does and does not know.

Dog Rating Level: 2

607 Sandy

607 Sandy Sit

607 Sandy Face

607 Sandy Face 2

607 Sandy Body