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609 Gumbo

609 Gumbo

Adult - Male
crate trainedgood with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

My name is Gumbo.
I am 6 years old and I weigh 85 pounds.
I love to live in the house and run around the yard.
I will get on the couch and sleep quietly.
I am house broken and crate trained.
I respond to sit, no, here and kennel.
I walk fair on a leash.
I was not raised around cats so I do not know how I am around them. I Love people and kids!
I am good with other dogs big and small.
I even sleep on people beds if you let me.
I am a good eater.
I counter surf sometimes and have been known to get in the trash. I will hide if I do.
I will sit quietly by your side in the house for as long as you let me.
I will bump you with my nose or paw to get your attention or beg for you to pet me.
I love raw marrow bones to chew on.
I like to chew on my food bowl and run around the yard with it sometimes.
I sometimes will retrieve a ball.
I dig/play in my water dish or even sit in it if it’s a big one.
I love kiddie pools.
I am deathly afraid of fireworks if left home alone.
I really would love a home with someone that is home most of the time. I have spent many hours home alone and I don’t care for it.
Did I mention I love people. I want to be around people.
My dad gave me up because he works very hard and was never home, he still loves me though and wants the best home ever for me cause I am such a good boy.

Dog Rating Level 2

609 Gumbo

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