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599 Trooper

599 Trooper

Adult - Male
crate trainedgood with other dogshouse trained

Trooper is a young 3 year old 73 pound fox red male. He was picked up with his sister and taken to a rural northern California shelter where we rescued him when his family didn’t. Trooper is a love but can be a challenge too! He’s house trained and crate trained, knows sit and is getting better each day walking on a leash. He lives in harmony with several dogs at his foster family’s home, but he doesn’t like intact male dogs who are assertive. He may have had a bad experience in the past in his young life so dog parks aren’t recommended for him. He loves to play fetch and loves to swim (if you have a pool, it better be fenced!). Trooper is an athletic boy who needs rigorous exercise to burn off his youthful energy…a walk is not going to do it. And a formal obedience class with a knowledgeable trainer will have this boy be at the top of the class in no time. Trooper is a young, intelligent, athletic lab…I tell everyone that if I were 25 again he’d be mine…he has so much potential. It’s just going to take someone dedicated to make him the phenomenal lab that he can be.

Dog Rating Level 2

599 Trooper

599 Trooper Sit

599 Trooper New Face

599 Trooper New Face 3 Smile

599 Trooper New Face 2

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