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600 Atticus

600 Atticus

Young - Male
good with other dogs

Atticus is about an 11 month old 65 pound(and growing) black male. When we were picking up Trooper, the shelter asked if we had room for Atticus. They knew shelter life is not a good place for young impressionable dogs like him. We took one look at his goofy face and we were sold. We just picked him up and he’s recovering from his neuter surgery so we can’t say much about him yet. We were warned he’s all puppy and we can see that. He is at that gangly teenage boy stage. Friendly, silly, happy…a typical lab. Again, once we get to spend some time with him, we’ll be able to update his bio.

Dog Rating Level 2

600 Atticus Face

600 Atticus Face 2

600 Atticus Body

600 Atticus Body 2