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597 Maverick

597 Maverick

Senior - Male
crate trainedgood with other dogshouse trained

Maverick is about a 10 year old, 75 pound black male. We had been watching Maverick in a rural Northern California shelter for a while hoping his people would come for him. We couldn’t take it any longer and we had to rescue this ol’ guy. And we are in love! He is well trained, happy, easy on a leash, but don’t call him old! He is a lean, fit, healthy, and active for his age. He is so loving and affectionate that you can’t help but melt when he looks up at you with those big brown eyes. He’s good with other dogs and when tested with cats at the shelter, one hissed and scared him. Maverick is a gem, but then, seniors are the best dogs. Maverick is house trained. He’s never had an accident in the house. He is crate trained and when you tell him ‘in your house’, he trots right in and lays down. But, he does not need it. He loves to lay out on a rug or on the cool tile or when the weather is nice, you can catch him sunbathing on the deck or lawn. When it’s time for loving, he’ll let you pet him all evening while you watch TV…he’s a generous boy that way!

Dog Rating Level 1-2

597 Maverick

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