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566 Cabo

566 Cabo

Adult - Male
crate trainedgood with childrenhouse trained

Cabo is a yellow male about 3 years old weighing 85 pounds. He found his way to a small Northern California shelter as a stray where no one came for him. This is not the kind of boy you would think would be at a shelter, someone lost a very nice handsome boy. When his time was up, the shelter asked for our help. I know we say this a lot, but we don’t understand why no one came for this boy. He is well behaved (not say he isn’t active he can jump around, play, and be happy/excited too). He knows sit and walks well on a leash. He was tested with a small dog at the shelter and they said he hid behind the shelter workers legs, he can be a bit of a chicken at times. He acts like he was a house dog in his prior life, he loves to be with humans and likes to lean against your leg and lay at your feet. He is very well behaved in the car. Unfortunately he has to be in quarantine for a few days in case he comes down with a doggie cold.

Dog Rating Level 2

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