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570 Meadow

570 Meadow

Adult - Female
crate trainedgood with childrengood with other dogs

Meadow is a 5 year old purebred black female weighing 67 pounds. She was a breeder living in a kennel, those days are over. Meadow is sweet as can be, friendly, affectionate, very loving, has that “LAB LEAN”, lays at your feet and will follow you everywhere (she is a velcro kind of girl who will stick to you like glue). She doesn’t know much since she was kennel raised, she is very easy though, she doesn’t want to put a paw wrong and listens very carefully. No more outside or kennel living for Meadow, she knows what a good thing she has now and will never go back to that. So, far no accidents in the house but that will need to be reinforced at her new home. She likes to retrieve, swim, and is playful with other dogs. The temporary home she was in had cats and she ignored them. Meadow is looking for a home where someone is home and she can be their shadow and best friend. Meadow deserves the best after what she has lived through in her short lifetime.

Dog Rating Level 2

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