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550 Ozzy

550 Ozzy

Adult - Male
crate trainedhouse trained

Ozzy is about a 4 year old 70 pound black male. He found his way to a northern California shelter as a stray where no one came for him. When his time was up, the shelter asked for our help. I know we say this a lot, but we don’t understand why no one came for this boy. He is very well trained and extremely well behaved. He knows sit, down, roll over and walks at a perfect heel. He was tested with other dogs at the shelter and they said he was ‘indifferent’. Unfortunately he has to be in quarantine for a few days in case he comes down with a doggie cold, or we’d know if he is house trained. I believe he is because he is anxious to go as soon as he can. Ozzy is a special boy who really likes being with his people.

Dog Rating Level 2

550 Ozzy Sit

550 Ozzy Face Antlers

550 Ozzy Down

550 Ozzy Antlers