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548 Dory

548 Dory

Adult - Female
crate trainedhouse trained

Dory is about a 7 year old, 70 pound yellow female. When she arrived at the shelter, she had some lumps and bumps so no one was interested. The shelter’s vets took off all her bumps and had the questionable ones tested and there is nothing to worry about. They even removed the little wart on the top of her head! She’s in quarantine in case she comes down with a doggie cold and she needs peace and quiet for all her incisions to heal without playing with other dogs, but she has been a trooper! Her tail never stops wagging. She loves all her little walks and she is excellent on a leash. She’s likely house trained…she doesn’t waste any time ‘going’ as soon as she has an opportunity. She knows sit and goes right into her crate without a peep. Poor Dory has had chronic ear infections that went untreated which caused her to get mis-shaped ears…they have been thoroughly cleaned when she was under for her surgery and she’s on ear meds to keep them that way. Poor Dory may not have had the best life before coming into rescue, but we promised her she’ll have the best life from now on.

Dog Rating Level 1-2

548 Dory

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