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501 Rex

501 Rex

Senior - Male
good with other dogshouse trained

Rex is a 12 year old 94 pound morbidly obese black male. He was picked up as a stray in Stockton, owners listed on microchip were contacted but they had given Rex away years before and didn’t have a record of the new owners. Honestly, this dog didn’t stray…he’s what we call ‘an old dog dump’. He doesn’t wander! He’s old, arthritic, with lumps and bumps which appear to be fatty tumors. Having to lay on the concrete kennel of the shelter, he has open wounds on his pressure points of his elbows and hocks. Shelter called us because he was very depressed in the noisy uncomfortable shelter. On top of his aches and pains, he has come down with kennel cough. The poor ol’ guy couldn’t catch a break until now. But one look at Rex, and we knew we had to bail him out. No one can guess how long he’ll have with us, but we do know that his last days won’t be spent in a shelter. He is likely house trained, easy going, well mannered boy who just wants an orthopedic dog bed of his own. Easy going walks will help with weight loss and help loosen his stiff joints.

Dog Rating Level 1

501 Rex Body

501 Rex Face 2