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492 Mele

492 Mele

Young - Female

Mele is a 7 1/2 month old about 40 pound black lab/springer spaniel female. Mele, Hawaiian for Merry, was surrendered by her family when the parents realized having sibling puppies and working long hours meant the puppies were neither getting the attention they deserved nor the training they needed. So sadly they contacted us for help. Mele is new to us and we were told she is house trained, but she’ll need reinforcement in her new home. She sleeps in a crate at night but always with her sister so she’ll be sleeping solo. She and her sister lived on a concrete side yard and did not get much time on a lawn and it was difficult to get pictures of Mele since all she wanted to do was roll and roll on the damp lawn! Her owners said she LOVES water too and we can already see that with the sprinklers. She’s met her foster dog friends and though it was a bit overwhelming at first, she quickly received a warm welcome and she’s running the yard with her new friends. Mele will need a round of obedience training to become the best dog she can be, but it is so rewarding to take the time with your new dog to cement the bond. Mele is recovering from eye surgery which is why we still have her, she has met her adopter but we don’t mark them adopted until they go home!

Dog Rating Level 2

492 Mele Body

492 Mele Ecstasy Wet Lawn

492 Mele Sit 2

492 Mele Sit