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490 Riley

490 Riley

Young - Female
good with other dogshouse trained

Riley is an 11 month old 70 purebred female yellow lab. In a word, a puppy! She was given up by her owner who lived in an apartment when she realized that an apartment is no place for a young lab. She is a social butterfly and is having a great time with all her foster friends playing and running and playing some more. From what we can gather, she’s had NO training but we have gotten her to sit. She is used to someone around all the time, we are guessing she was never left alone. She is not the type of pup you can leave in the backyard, your neighbors would be very unhappy and your yard might not ever look the same (as with all our young pups). She is crate trained but only uses it when her foster mom runs errands. At night she sleeps at the foot of the bed or on the floor and doesn’t get up until everyone else. A round of obedience class with her new family will not only cement the bond, it will make everyone happier. Riley would not be good company for an older dog as she will run them over and run into them and not even know she did it. She’s a diamond in the rough, but with training, she will be a sparkling diamond. She’s a gorgeous girl who just needs structure, love, attention and training.

Dog Rating Level 2+

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