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386 Piper

386 Piper

Senior - Female
good with catsgood with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Piper is a chocolate female about 11 years old and well we wont tell you her weight yet because we are working on that. We are guessing she has some German Shorthair Pointer in her too. Her owner went to jail and left the dog in the house by herself to fend for herself with no food. Poor baby almost starved to death before animal control picked her up. Seniors are our absolute favorite, they are always so grateful to be rescued so we didn’t have a problem picking this girl up before her “time was up at the shelter”. Piper is so sweet she loves everyone. She follows her foster mom around her property without a leash and just hangs out. No accidents yet so we are pretty sure she is potty trained, the shelter said the same, her kennel was always clean. The workers at the shelter loved her so much they snuck her extra food and treats! She is a precious girl.

Dog Rating Level 1