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388 Lucy

388 Lucy

Adult - Female
good with other dogshouse trained

Lucy is about a 70 pound 7 year old black female. She found her way to a northern California shelter where no one came for her and no one was interested in adopting a chubby graying black female. She sounded perfect to us! And so far, she gives us no reason to regret our decision. We are just getting to know her, but we were told she didn’t want to potty in her kennel at the shelter which makes us think she’s house trained. She walks ok on a leash with little pulling, knows sit and down so she has had some training in her past. She was introduced to all her foster dog friends and not a hackle was raised so she is good with dogs. Shelter staff introduced her to a shelter cat and she sniffed and ignored so with proper introduction, she probably could live in harmony with a cat. She came into the house and made herself at home so obviously has seen the inside of a house…it always amazes us in rescue when we get a dog like Lucy who has obviously been well loved and a little overweight ends up in a shelter and not claimed. It is their loss and some lucky family’s gain who gets to adopt this sweet girl!

Dog Rating Level Low 2

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