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362 Lulu

362 Lulu

Senior - Female
good with childrengood with other dogs

Lulu is an AKC registered 10 year old yellow female weighing 108 pounds. Her owner went off to college leaving mom and dad to care for her. After college and new life out of state, he decided he didn’t want Lulu and with his parents’ traveling, Lulu is need of a new home. She’s been an outside dog, but she has quickly discovered she wants to be inside with her people. She’s a friendly happy lab who loves to have her ears and butt scratched. She has been around small children and other dogs and is excellent with both. She is looking for a family disciplined enough to cut down her kibble and increasing her steps. Put a Fitbit on and go for a walk…daily, and you both will see the weight come off. Even though she’s obese, she’s got a lot of spunk in her and she will feel so much better when she drops 30 pounds.

Dog Rating Level 1

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