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361 Ripley

361 Ripley

Senior - Male
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Ripley is a 9 year old, 112 pound black male. His owner passed away and animal control was called to pick up his pets. The family was given the time to retrieve them if they wanted, but sadly, no one came for Ripley. Ripley is awesome! That simple. He is gorgeous. He is trained. He is friendly. Everything you want in a lab. He rides nicely in the car, he is house trained and he will actually go into a crate on his own to take a nap. He is so friendly that the shelter had a hard time taking his picture without him rolling over onto his back. And he did the same thing at his vet visit–he had the staff laughing out loud! Yes, Ripley is a senior, but don’t think of him as one because he doesn’t believe he is. He has a lot of walks left in him and more than enough love to go around.

Dog Rating Level 1

361 Ripley Sit

361 Ripley Sit 2

361 Ripley Happy Position

361 Ripley Face