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322 Sadie

322 Sadie

Adult - Female
good with other dogs

Sadie is a 5 year old 61 pound black female. She was surrendered to a rural overcrowded shelter by her ‘owner’ because she wasn’t happy out in the yard 24/7 and dug out and wandered. he was NEVER allowed in the house! Well all that has changed. She is in the house and is learning house manners and sleeps quietly and happily in her crate. She is good with all her foster friends, but she still is a bit clingy and insecure. Poor thing, I think she can’t believe she gets to be warm and dry and given love and attention. She does know not to jump up and she knows sit, and she also doesn’t pull on a leash, but there is a whole new world she’s never experienced and she’s learning. She is looking for a home where she can continue her education where she won’t be left outside.

Dog Rating Level 2

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