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319 Bruce

319 Bruce

Adult - Male
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Bruce is an 8 year old yellow male lab possibly Golden Retriever mix weighing about 68 pounds (he is seriously under weight and should weigh about 80 pounds). Bruce came to us through a small rescue in Northern California where he had been tied to a door during the night and left by his owners. Bruce had a large tumor on his hind leg and the rescue had it removed prior to giving him to us, so he is recovering from surgery. Bruce is a sweet boy with excellent house manners, he is potty trained, knows sit and down. He is very good with his foster dog friends (he LOVES everyone) and his foster mom’s 8 year old daughter. Bruce will follow you wherever you go he just wants to be near you. It’s a wonder how anyone can abandon such a sweet friendly innocent boy. Bruce is looking for his forever home where he can be loved and cherished. Bruce is almost healed and has a spot about the size of a quarter but we aren’t bandaging it anymore and it should finish healing the rest of the way in the next couple of weeks.

Dog Rating Level 1

319 Bruce With 4 Legs