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321 Butter

321 Butter

Adult - Female

Butter is about a 3 year old 60 pound light yellow lab. We gave her the name for 2 reasons; she is the color of butter and she is shaped like a cube of butter! She found her way to a rural shelter as a stray and it was very clear she was absolutely miserable there. She came in clean so we suspect she was someone’s princess, and she acts like it too. She is the only lab I’ve seen who sits up like a poodle…could be the wide base she has for support! We suspect she’s house trained and she sleeps quietly in a crate. She walks well on leash, she knows sit, and she really just wants to be near you. Unfortunately, she also came into heat so we won’t be able to get her spayed until she is done. She’ll be up for visitors, just no intact males please! Butter is going to live with her adopter until spayed.

Dog Rating Level 2

321 Butter Body

321 Butter Sit