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251 Jake

251 Jake

Adult - Male
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Jake is a 6 year old 107 pound(and dieting) black male. His owner passed away leaving Jake looking for a new loving home where he will continue to be spoiled but fed a little less and exercised a little more. He is an easy going boy who is good with everyone and everything, including cats if they hold their ground. He knows some basics and has nice house manners. It’s obvious he has had someone to keep him company so he’d be happiest with someone home or another dog buddy. He is a very happy boy and he shows it by bouncing around to greet you…it’s a bit of a surprise to see such a big boy move so well. That means the weight will come off much easier than if he were a couch potato. He does like his daily walks and a game of fetch which is good for all of us!

Dog Rating Level 2

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