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193 Bailey

193 Bailey

Young - Female
crate trainedgood with other dogs

Bailey is a 7 month old black female weighing 60 pounds. She was surrendered to the shelter because her owners were overwhelmed and didn’t know how to train a puppy, they thought the 8 week old puppy was cute….then she started to grow up and they expected her to teach herself apparently. She doesn’t know much but she is absolutely adorable, LOVES all her foster dog friends and has great eye contact. She also seems to like the water so she will probably be a swimmer. She wants to please and just be taught how to make you happy. She definitely needs obedience classes (as all puppies do), and lots of exercise, love, and attention. She is crate trained. Bailey is very sweet and just looking for that someone to be her teacher, leader, and companion. We will update you more as we get to know her. Keep in mind raising a puppy like this is essentially like raising a child, kindergartener, training is an everyday thing for quite awhile, but in the end is extremely rewarding. Bailey is a special pup we can tell you that for sure.

Dog Rating Level 2