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589 Thunder

589 Thunder

Young - Male
good with other dogs

Thunder is a gorgeous black male about 10 months old weighing approximately 62 pounds (he will likely approach 100 pounds full grown). He was a stray picked up and taken to a small rural shelter, we cant understand how someone would give up this silly, goofy, handsome pup. The shelter was overflowing with dogs and we couldn’t resist his sweet happy face. Thunder probably doesn’t know much and most likely hasn’t been out in the real world very much either. He is ready to face the world and get on with learning what it is like to be a loved and cherished boy. He will need lots of training, including outings into the world with the family, but he aims to please so it will be a fun process. He is loveable, silly, happy, goofy, curious, but with that said he doesn’t know where all his body parts are and may accidently knock down young children (so no toddlers please).

Dog Rating Level 2

589 Thunder Sit 2

589 Thunder Sit

589 Thunder Face 3

589 Thunder Face

589 Thunder

589 Thunder Face 2