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Adult - Female
crate trainedgood with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Georgia is a beautiful 3-4 year old chocolate female.  Georgia and Allie are true rescues.  They came to us because we were notified these two lovely girls had only three days left remaining on their sentence.  We suspect they may be sisters.  Georgia and Allie could be adopted as a bonded pair; however, their foster mom feels if they were adopted separately, but had another dog for company, they may each gain more confidence and self assurance to be able to excel in their new home.

Possibly outside dogs all of their lives, the girls are wonderfully sweet and engaging.  Like all Labs, they crave attention and just want to please.  Georgia is a very happy girl who enjoys loves from her people and will climb up in your lap to get petted.  A round of obedience training will do wonders for them and help them to understand what is expected.  Both are crate trained and sleep quietly.  They will be lucky to find loving families who will finally take them in and and make them a permanent part of a loving family.