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770 Nati

770 Nati

Adult - Female
good with childrenhouse trained

Nati is a yellow female lab 7 1/2 years old weighing 80 pounds (yep a little dieting will help). She was living in a car with her mother, half brother and homeless owner. Her owner just couldn’t do it anymore with her dogs in the car so she surrendered Nati and her brother to a small rural shelter where space is lacking. Nati is a sweet affectionate girl who rode well in the car, she is house trained, fine with other dogs, walks ok on leash, and likes to hang out where you are. Her owner said she doesn’t like cats. Nati has all her vet work done and is ready to go to her forever home where she will be loved and pampered as she deserves.

Dog Rating Level: between 1 and 2

769 Nati Face2

769 Nati Sti3

769 Nati Stand

769 Nati Sit2

769 Nati Sit 4