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714 Ally

714 Ally

Adult - Female
crate trainedgood with catsgood with other dogshouse trained

Allyson(Ally) is a 3 1/2 year old 65 pound lab/golden retriever cross (according to her owner). Sadly, Ally’s mom is overwhelmed and stressed and Ally wasn’t happy with the current roommate or his dog. We got Ally and have been thrilled with her loving personality. She is good with all the dogs at her foster parents’ home and is doing great. She’s house trained, knows sit, walks nicely on a leash and lays down on the back seat for car rides. She’s another dog who, if given the opportunity, would be sharing the bed, but she will accept a dog bed in the bed room if she must. Unfortunately, Ally tested positive for heartworm so she will need to go through treatment which takes a couple trips and overnight stays at the vets. She’s a good reminder that ANY DOG can get heartworm if they are not kept on preventative. The treatment is expensive and it’s painful for the dog…and can be prevented so easily. Ally will be just fine after a few months of ‘quiet time’ which she will love doing cuddling on the couch with the rest of the family stuck at home during the Covid pandemic.

Dog Rating Level 2

714 Ally

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