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713 Chico

713 Chico

Young - Male
good with other dogshouse trained

Chico is a 18-month old 65 pound yellow male. He was surrendered to a northern California shelter by his loving dad when his dad fell on hard times. Chico is house trained, knows sit and down, walks ok on a leash when he focuses. He’s a well mannered boy most of the time, but he’s still a lab puppy! He is playful with other dogs and sometimes, he’s just obnoxious. And that obnoxious behavior got him bit by another dog and tore the tip of his ear. Chico is a dork, a goofball, will jump into your lap and lay upside down and fall asleep within 30 seconds and start snoring! His previous owner, we’re guessing, never left him alone and he doesn’t like being left…even when other dogs are home with him. He loves going for car rides and is great in a crate in the car. But, we are working on his anxiousness and he is starting to understand that we always come home. Our big dork with his cross-eyed blue eyes has us laughing all the time. He’ll lay ON your feet while you watch TV…he knows when you move and he’ll follow you to the kitchen or the bathroom(NO privacy with him!). Chico is worth it…for the right person with the right amount of dog knowledge and patience and is ok with a dog on the couch or trying to sneak onto the bed at night. He’ll have you laughing too.

Dog Rating Level 2

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