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707 Molly

707 Molly

Senior - Female
good with other dogshouse trained

Molly is an 11 year old approximately 65 pound black female. We got a tearful phone call from an animal control officer after Molly’s owner brought her to a rural shelter to be euthanized because she is old! The ACO couldn’t bring himself to do it…he said having a dog is for life and we agree. So we have taken Molly in. We call her Ol’ Lady…you know the feisty and full of love grandma we all love! She’s a little wobbly in the hind end but she loves roaming around the yard with us or the other dogs and loves to curl up on a rug in the house. She’s completely house trained and has lived with other dogs her entire life. She is alert, has good eyesight and hearing for an ol’ lady. She’s right in the center of the action at mealtime! We don’t know how much time she has left, but the time she has deserves to be filled with love…and love is what she is sharing with us.

Dog Rating Level: 1

707 Molly Face

707 Molly Face 2

707 Molly Down

707 Molly Body

707 Molly Body 2