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705 Bailey

705 Bailey

Adult - Female
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Bailey is a 5 year old yellow female weighing 69 pounds. She was sadly given up by her owners who are leaving the United States and cannot take her with them.Bailey will require at least one dog friend in her new home, this is a must in her new home. She lives with 2 other dogs now and is happily content. She will share her toys with other dogs, so a dog that happily shares toys too would be best. She is very hard on leash and will drag you down the street, she is also a trip hazard so she will need someone ready to take her through an obedience class or able to work with her on your own. She is the sweetest girl, happy, and friendly to EVERYONE. She is house trained. She is a bit of a teddy bear and would like a nice comfy couch to cuddle with her new people and dog friends in her new home.

Dog Rating Level 2

705 Bailey

705 Bailey Sit

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