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691 Bonzai

691 Bonzai

Adult - Female
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Bonzai(named after the tree) is a just turned 2 year old 66 pound sable(deep dark chocolate almost black) female lab mix. Her family took her in when her original owner lived in an apartment and Bonzai had to spend many long hours in a crate. At her most recent home, Bonzai was an outside dog because mom does daycare and Bonzai is a very social girl. Bon Bon, as we call her is now very happy being a house dog and part of the family. So far, Bonzai has shown excellent house manners–she knows sit, shake, walks nicely on a leash or harness and loves car rides. She is having a blast playing with her other new dog friends. She is a very sweet girl and mature for her age, but you can see the youthful dog when she runs like the wind playing with the other dogs. When she’s done playing, she’s happy to curl up at your feet while you watch TV. If you are looking to add to your family, Bonzai is a real gem!

Dog Rating Level 2

691 Bonzai Sit

691 Bonzai Front

691 Bonzai Face

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