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690 Houdini

690 Houdini

Senior - Male
good with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Houdini is a 10 year old 65 pound black male. He, along with his ‘brother’ Max were surrendered to a very rural Nevada shelter by their family when they had to move out of the area. Owners said he’s a purebred lab. Having lived with Houdini, we think his name is all wrong! Fire plug, maybe, but we’ve affectionately nicknamed him Romeo because he thinks he’s a lady’s man! He’s such an easy going dog who enjoys wandering around the yard and sniffing and then coming into the house to grab the best dog bed to take a nap. He’s great with other dogs–pretty much ignores them because with his short legs, he can’t keep up nor does he want to try to keep up with the young ones! He enjoys a good ear scratch and just enjoys hanging out with his humans. He got named Houdini because he will break out of a yard if left alone for long periods(work day). We’ve initially crated him when we ran errands, but now he has full house privileges with a doggie door with NO problems. All outside only dogs just want to be inside with their families! He was raised with a family with children but as a senior citizen, little ones would just be too busy for this guy. He is completely house trained and is easy on a leash. Houdini, our Romeo, is one ‘cool chill’ boy!

Dog Rating Level 1

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