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677 Sadie

677 Sadie

Young - Female
crate trained

Sadie is a 7 month old (birthday 10/4/2019) chocolate female lab weighing about 55 pounds (and growing). She was surrendered by her elderly owners who tearfully gave her up because she is too much dog for them, one of her owners fell over her and broke their collar bone. She knows sit, is crate trained, and potty trained (she will jump on people and will accidently scratch, part of the training required for her). Sadie needs all the training and activity that young labs require, LOTS of running! WALKS ARE NOT ENOUGH FOR YOUNG LABS! She might run you over while she is playing (she hasn’t figured out the spatial awareness that older dogs have) and for that reason no small children. She was frightened by little dogs when she was 4 months old and with COVID 19 she hasn’t been able to be socialized much with other dogs. She seems to be good with her foster moms dogs. I attached a few photos from her previous home and what happens when young labs don’t get the exercise and training they need on a daily basis…hence the bucket, box, and garbage can lid become part of the puppy entertainment. She is a chewer and will eat things that are not considered edible…like fabric and plants etc… (this is not uncommon for labs, they chew till they are 3 or 4). Her owners were home all the time so that wasn’t the issue, it was her activity level coupled with her need for training (she was too big and wild for them). Sadie needs someone with dog training experience, truly active (a runner NOT a walker), willing to make her part of the family and not take their eyes off her so she stays out of trouble. At this point in time we are not traveling outside the greater Lincoln and Sacramento area for adoptions.

Dog Rating Level: PUPPY!!!

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677 Sadie Down

677 Sadie Artsy

677 Sadie Sit

677 Sadie Sit 2