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676 Porter

676 Porter

Adult - Male
crate trained

Porter is an 18 month old about 75 pound purebred chocolate male. He and his brother, Colt, were surrendered by an elderly couple living on a ranch. They were ranch dogs and like typical labs, ranch fencing isn’t secure, they would wander and were getting into trouble. They will be adopted separately…don’t ask if they can go together…they need to bond to their humans and break the bond between them. When we drove up to the property, both dogs were very defensive of their territory, but once separated, all they were interested in were treats, ear scratches and belly rubs. Porter is the more subdued brother, but is a happy wiggly boy once he gets comfortable with you. Initially, you’re ‘stranger danger’ and he may stand back and bark, but he can’t stand not getting attention. Porter knows sit and walks nicely on a leash. He sleeps quietly inside in his crate, but before coming into rescue he had never had any house training. It’s just going to take a little time and training for him to learn the rules. He really is such a nice boy once he gets to know you and he wants to please his people so training will be quick. The brothers are good with other dogs, a cat free home is a must according to owners, they haven’t had any experience with children but they don’t jump up.

Dog Rating Level 2

676 Porter With Toy

676 Porter Sit 2

676 Porter Front

676 Porter Face

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