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672 Bud

672 Bud

Adult - Male
good with other dogshouse trained

Bud is about a 3-4 year old 91 pound black male mix. We’re making an educated guess that he’s a lab/rottie mix which makes him a gentle giant. He was picked up by a rural Nevada shelter where he waited and waited to find his new home. Shelter reached out to us because he is such a lovable boy and after he’d been at the shelter for 2 months, we were able to rescue him. We love this mix…you get the happy go lucky nature of the lab with the laid back easy going nature of the Rottweiler. And someone docked his tail so you don’t have to worry about it clearing a coffee table! His whole back end wiggles…you’ll still know he’s happy. He is good with kids, other dogs and the shelter staff said he completely ignored all the shelter cats after he gave them a big sniff. He appears to be house trained and is using the doggie door. Bud knows sit, but he needs leash work, though, for his size, he doesn’t pull like you’d think…just hasn’t had much training to know what to do on a leash. He’s quiet in the car but needs a little boost up into a tall SUV. If you are looking for an easy going big guy to make a part of your family activities, then this Bud’s for you!

Dog Rating Level 1-2

672 Bud

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