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671 Puppy

671 Puppy

Baby - Female
good with other dogs

Puppy is about a 4 month old 31 pound and growing yellow female. She was picked up by a rural county shelter which is closed due to the COVID-19 shutdown so she had NO chance of adoption. And a shelter is no place for a puppy who needs lots of love, attention and socialization. The minute we saw her cute face, we were carrying her out to the car to bring home. Puppy (yes, we haven’t given her an official name because she’s puppy to us) is a very smart little girl! She already knows sit and she’s scoring an “A” on house training. She is the typical sweet, loving, playful, chew anything that will fit in her mouth puppy! Puppies are a lot of work and require your undivided attention. Don’t think because you have the time now while the stay at home orders are still in place, that you can leave her in a month or two when you go back to work. To continue to be the best puppy ever, she’ll continue to need the time, patience, positive training and socialization so that she will grow up to be the best dog ever.

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