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647 Paisley

647 Paisley

Young - Female

Paisley is about an 8-10 month old yellow female puppy weighing 54 pounds now. She came in as a stray to an overcrowded shelter and we took in this crazy happy girl. She is all puppy who appears to not have had much training before coming to us. She does know sit. We are working on not jumping up and walking on a leash. She is a gregarious, happy, outgoing girl who thinks everyone and everything is her friend. We’re trying to teach her some manners and boundaries…not everyone, including other dogs like to be jumped on. If you have the time and patience to commit to a puppy and give her the training she needs, she will reward you with years of love and devotion. Just remember, just because she’s not that cute tiny puppy, she’s still a puppy which means constant vigilance is needed to not have any valuables chewed.

Dog Rating Level 2

647 Paisley

647 Paisley Sit

647 Paisley Sit 2

647 Paisley Front

647 Paisley Face

647 Paisley Face 2

647 Paisley Body