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646 Gemma

646 Gemma

Adult - Female
house trained

Gemma is about a 60 pound 2 year old yellow female mix. We got a call when a rural shelter became overfull with strays. Gemma is a bit of a mix (she has some black hairs on her tail), but she has the sweetest, most gentle soul. She knows sit and walks nicely on leash (until a squirrel crosses her path!). She loves attention and is on the sensitive side, so just a raised voice with Gemma has her concerned. She wants to please and is mortified when she is corrected so she tries her best to be a very good girl. We’re still getting to know each other, but we think Gemma is a real gem of a dog.

Dog Rating Level 2

646 Gemma Frontal

646 Gemma Face

646 Gemma Face 3

646 Gemma Face 2

646 Gemma Body