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641 Wilson

641 Wilson

Senior - Male
good with other dogshouse trained

Wilson is an about 10 year old 67 pound dark yellow male. Another ‘found’ dog turned in to a valley shelter where he was not claimed. He had a bad skin infection on his face when we picked him up which is much better with just a week’s worth of care. He still has some irritation around his eyes and once that gets better, we are hoping to remove the skin tag on his eye. Other than that, he is a happy, friendly easy going boy. He is house trained, walks easily on a leash, loves car rides and will hop right into the back seat. He gets along with other dogs and when he was introduced to the cats at the shelter, he was only interested in their food! Speaking of food, he prances and spins in circles for his! He’s not happy in a crate, but he’s very good sleeping on his dog bed. He sleeps soundly but not quietly(he snores!) all night. Once we get Wilson all healed, he’ll be ready to share his love with his new family.

Dog Rating Level 1

641 Wilson

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