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620 Foxy

620 Foxy

Adult - Female
crate trainedgood with other dogs

Foxy is about a 4 year old 55 pound black female. She was picked up at a rural northern California shelter and her people never came for her. We call her our little spitfire! She is a sweet and loving lab until she sees a ball or squeaky toy and then the retrieving fool comes out. She’s pretty good on a leash. knows sit and like a lot of labs, will jump into any open vehicle for a fun car ride… She seems to love water almost as much as her toys and will jump into a wading pool or stick her head into the water flow of a hose. She seems to be good with other dogs; she was housed with other dogs at the shelter and she sees her foster friends at a distance with an eager and playful stance. But, she’s still in quarantine for a few days to make sure she doesn’t come down with a doggie cold or give it to her new friends. Foxy is looking for a home where her new family can play with her as much as she wants and give her the love and training to make her the best dog ever. She has a great start already. I have a feeling she’s house trained, but we’ll know that shortly. Foxy is one sweet, smart, and happy girl–all great labbie qualities!

Dog Rating Level 2

620 Willow Foxy Sit

620 Willow Foxy Face

620 Willow Foxy Face 2

620 Willow Foxy 2

620 Foxy Side Sit