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586 Scarlett

586 Scarlett

Adult - Female
crate trainedgood with childrengood with other dogshouse trained

Scarlett is about a 6 year old 65 pound black female. There may be a little pointer in her with her freckled back toes and chest, but she’s all labby when it comes to loving personality. We got a call when she was picked up as a stray letting us know a really sweet lab was picked up. By the time her hold wait was over (hoping her people would come for her), she had completely shut down in the noisy shelter environment. It usually takes a few days for the dogs to decompress but Scarlett’s tail has not stopped wagging…she is so thrilled to be free and safe again. Scarlett is new to us, but we can tell she is good with other dogs, she’s likely house trained because she held it until she got out of the shelter. Scarlett knows sit and is good on a leash. She has hair loss on her backside and tail which could be from fleas (her thyroid test is normal). She got a bath at Pet Food Express and I think she was actually moaning with pleasure it felt so good to her. She is a sweet girl who is looking for a second chance at love. She is in quarantine for a few days in case she comes down with a doggie cold.

Dog Rating Level 1-2

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