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581 Tink

581 Tink

Young - Female
crate trainedgood with children

Tink is about an 11 month old ~40 pound black female lab mix. She was picked up as a stray with her sister, Belle. Sadly these girls had been running the streets on their own and then ended up in a noisy scary shelter. They were so scared from their ordeal that we’ve just been letting them relax and be dogs. Now they are begging for our love and attention. They have mastered the crate (their safe place) and run from the crate out the doggie door to potty. They have gotten comfortable with the routine and are doing very well. They love playing with other dogs and they are gaining confidence from their doggie friends. Each just needs routine where they can continue to gain confidence and realize they will never end up homeless again. The leash is still associated with being captured but each day it gets better and they will soon associate leash with good and be excited to go on walks. They need to be adopted separately so that they can bond with their new human family and be loved and spoiled by them. Obedience class is a must for Tink. P.S. The Bassett Hound in the photo below doesn’t come with her!

Dog Rating Level 1

581 Tink Sit

581 Tink

581 Tink Sit With Walle Photobombing

581 And 582 Tink On Top Of Belle