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568 Hudson

568 Hudson

Senior - Male
crate trained

Hudson is an 8 year old 60 pound purebred yellow male. He’s a retired breeder who has been severely neglected in recent months. He has been treated for some minor ailments along with giving him a high quality diet with supplements, and he is getting a lot more energy. We also had a senior panel run on him and vet gave him the ‘all clear’. Hudson is a social boy who is engaging and attentive. Hudson is a titled Master Hunter and though he is retired, he is showing us he still remembers the commands. He’s easy on a leash, knows sit, stay, heel, come…what more could you ask? Since he was a kennel dog, he’ll need to learn the rules of the house, but from what we’ve heard, he had been in the house too. This guy deserves a loving home where he will be spoiled in his golden years!

Dog Rating Level 1-2

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