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536 Moe

536 Moe

Adult - Male
good with other dogs

Moe is about a 2 year old 85-90 pound black male. Surrendered by his owners because he kept hopping their 4 foot fence and playing on the highway. They knew it was just a matter of time before he was hit and killed by a car. According to Moe’s owners, he’s great with children. We’re assuming older children because this guy is a big and clumsy! He doesn’t jump up but he almost comes to my waist so no need to bend over to pet him. Again, according to his owner, he is house trained, but we are seeing he needs reminding…at least for a few days till it sinks in. He gets along great with other dogs but he will chase cats for entertainment. He slept quietly in his crate and rode peacefully in a crate in our SUV. Moe is definitely one of the 3 stooges and he’ll need some positive training to make him the perfect dog, but if you like big boys and are willing to put in a little effort, Moe will give you years of joy and have you laughing. Honestly he is a big goofball.

Dog Rating Level 2

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