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514 Birdie

514 Birdie

Adult - Female
house trained

Birdie is an older gal who came into a small rural shelter with her friend Jersey. Both girls were packed full of fleas and pretty hungry. Birdie is a super sweet adult who trots around and does her thing then takes a nap, she is a mellow gal. We can tell she has done without for quite some time and deserves a better life than she had. Birdie came down with a little doggie cold, once she feels better we will take her to the vet. We think she is spayed so after a quick visit to the vet for a checkup she can go to her forever home where she can be pampered and spoiled (she will look entirely different in a few months now that she is getting good food, clean bed, and lots of attention).

Dog Rating Level 1

514 Birdie Body

514 Birdie Face 2

514 Birdie Face

514 Birdie