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499 Charlie

499 Charlie

Adult - Male
good with other dogshouse trainedspecial needs

Charlie is an 86 pound 2 1/2 year old chocolate male. He’s been passed around from home to home recently but he’s looking for his forever home through us. He is a calm mellow boy until he sees water. He loves water! He loves swimming in the swimming pool, he loves playing in sprinklers, and given an opportunity, he’d love rolling in a mud puddle…any water! He’s good on a leash, knows sit and shake, and of course he’s house trained and has pretty good house manners. We hear that he puts an occasional paw on the counter…we’ll correct that if/when we see it. He gets along with other dogs, both large and small. We don’t know about cats.

When we rescued Charlie, we noticed he had some issues with depth perception so we scheduled an appointment with the veterinary ophthalmologist. She gave us the sad news that Charlie suffers from a hereditary condition called PRA, progressive retinal atrophy. He has his sight now, but in a couple of years he will be blind. Blindness in a dog is NOT a disability…they just use their other senses to get around and within a couple days, they will learn the lay of the land in a home. Charlie runs and plays with his foster friends and you’d never guess he has a vision issue. His owners who gave him up because they worked long hours and they felt guilty because he wasn’t getting the attention, swear they did not notice anything. And look at the pluses with Charlie–he walks perfectly on a leash because YOU are his seeing eyed person for him and he sticks right next to you in strange settings. We know it’s going to take a special person who will open their hearts and home to Charlie, but we can guarantee that he’s well worth it. He’ll show his appreciation by cuddling with you like a big fur baby on the couch.

Dog Rating Level 2

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499 Charlie